Breville bov800xl parts diagram

breville bov800xl parts diagram

Breville BOV800XL smart oven 1800 watt convection toaster oven Review : Breville bov800xl parts diagram The Smart Toaster Oven that Makes You Proud When we talk about kitchen appliances, we should pick high-quality items and, if possible, multipurpose item, so that we don’t have to buy more items which only make our kitchen crowded. Just like the toaster-oven from Breville which we are going to present you in a moment, the Breville BOV800XL review. The reason why we choosing to review Breville BOV800XL is because this product is amazing. The brand, Breville, is famous for its quality and its durability. The product is multipurpose item where you can bake, toast, and roast any foods you like. This product is also efficient in times and energy used. Therefore, we like to introduce you to this great kitchen product.

breville bov800xl parts diagram

More Details

Breville bov800xl parts diagram


This toaster oven is well designed with sturdy built made of stainless steels. Every kitchen appliances that are made of stainless steels will create modern look to the kitchen. That’s what happens with Breville BOV800XL, creating modern style to your kitchen. From exterior feature, we could say that this oven is large. It may be a problem for those who have small kitchen and limited countertop space. Of course, it’s not a surprise to see a large space in the interior, but still it gives you pleasant feeling because you know you can easily roast a turkey or cook 13-inch pizza in it.

The control panels are easy to understand and to use. It even has temperature conversion, Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. It will help you a lot when you baking something out of recipes. There are three racks height options inside the oven, so you can use each rack for different foods. If you don’t know which racks to bake particular foods, you can see the guideline on the window. Overall for the design Breville BOV800XL review is good, but we should tell you that the top of the oven will be very hot when it is used, though it can be useful as plate warmer.


Breville BOV800XL has convection cooking function which make this toaster oven more efficient in energy saving and faster at work. The maximum cooking time in this oven is two hours with maximum temperature is 450 Fahrenheit for baking or roasting. For broiling, it could reach 500 Fahrenheit. The convection cooking function will automatically activate depending on the way you cook. In other words, the convection cooking function will have different setting for roasting chicken and baking pizza. That way you are going to have better results. The overall Breville BOV800XL review for the features is good and satisfying.


This toaster oven performance is satisfying because you can set different setting depending on what you are cooking. For example, when you are going to toast bread. You just have to select toast setting, then input the dial how many breads you are going to toast. Then set the temperature dial for the level of dark you want on your bread. Don’t worry for burning the toast because even though you set to the darkest setting, it won’t create charred bread. You may have to do trial and errors for another food.

Maintenance and support

This toaster oven is easy to clean. The pans which are coming with the oven are easy to clean by dish soap and sponge. Taking out crumb tray is also easy since you don’t have to open the window. This toaster oven has one year product warranty. For the service support and replacing worn out accessories, you can check it in Breville outlet or through the website.

Even though this toaster oven has higher price than the others, it is recommended to have this smart toaster oven. It is because this oven has various functions with easy-to-use features that would make your working in the kitchen easier and fun. That concludes Breville BOV800XL review.
Breville BOV800XL Review

Before I start let me state that this is my honest Breville BOV800XL review, I didn’t receive a discount or anything in exchange. I simply write this review to tell you guys how much in love I am with this compact, yet smart oven. This might have been an impulse purchase during the hot summer day and I might have not had high expectations because, well, this oven is small – almost like a toy, to me. But as I said, I purchased it in the summer when cooking was out of the question. I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand heat, and my God was it scorching hot throughout the summer or what? When it’s hot, I’m paralyzed. Ok, I might have gone overboard there but really, activities just aren’t fun when it’s hot. This, obviously, includes cooking and baking.

As someone with a sweet tooth, let me state in this Breville BOV800XL review that I was miserable. I couldn’t bake cookies, make pies, roast chicken for dinner, and many more. Well, I could. But I wasn’t in the mood to employ my big oven as it was already hot enough in the kitchen, the additional heat from an oven that big is unnecessary. This is where the Breville BOV800XL review smart oven came to the picture. As I’ve stated above in the beginning of this review, this oven is compact, and I thought the heat it’d emit wouldn’t be too offensive. I was right.

I can’t stress how much I love this absolute lifesaver is in this Breville BOV800XL review, but it’s true! It may only be 18.5 x 16.2 x 11.2 inches in size but it works wonderfully. On my Breville BOV800XL review features section, I’d like to note that it’s equipped with 5 quartz of heating elements and intuitive backlit at just 1,800W! Isn’t that impressive? The Element IQ in the Breville BOV800XL review product helps us control the power and time we need in order to whip up something. This technology simply helps us to do more than reheat and warm our food because it has 9 present functions such as baking cookies, making pizza, broiling, roasting, even making your own bagel!

Simply put, we no longer need to worry about burnt food! See why I call this oven a lifesaver? Last but not least, I write this Breville BOV800XL review to help spread the word of this compact oven’s brilliance. Trust me you won’t regret buying it after reading my Breville BOV800XL review.

Breville BOV800XL Reviews : The Smart Toaster Oven

Breville BOV800XL review becomes a good direction to know the details about this toaster oven. It is often claimed to be a smart toaster oven due to its capability in baking and toasting. It is an expensive oven with a satisfying performance and result. What makes you amazed to this oven?

Baking and Toasting Delicious Breads

This oven is toasting bread types evenly in which it is no a half of burned bread area when you bake or toast it. It is also able to roast chicken perfectly so that it looks nice to serve on the dining table. This over is set to be a smart toaster oven which is able to toast and bake any bread and food. It provides a number of settings for bagel, bread, pizza, roast, and reheat. The heavy duty enamel, baking pan, and pizza stone are the embedded features to this oven completing toasting and baking satisfyingly. If you get interested in using this oven, you must be always careful because its exterior is hot while being used.

Great Performance

Breville toaster oven presents some preset settings and buttons to users. You can choose and press it adjusting the right temperature and needs while you are toasting and baking. This oven will consume 1.800 watts as you are using it. It is spending more watts and energy but it is working for multiple cooking activities with this oven. It is an extraordinary toaster oven to have.

The toaster oven takes a minimum preheat time for any different cooking activities. It is supported by LCD display and dial for adjusting the temperature and cooking buttons. It shows preheating and cooking food. This oven has a great performance in which it is able to cook the food evenly and perfectly.

Good Safety System

Breville BOV800XL review includes the safety system. This oven has some features making it very safe when in use. The automatic ejector presses the wire rack when the door is opened. It is surely helping you to avoid burning when you want to take out food from the oven. Moreove, it is able to shut off automatically when it is not used so that it is not hurting children. It has an accurate temperature so that you can adjust it based on your needs. Regarding to its features and design, Breville oven is very friendly and safe for toasting and baking. It is ensured with the embedded safety system and features.

Pros and Contras about Breville BOV800XL

Breville BOV800XL review will be complete when it is revealed pros and contras about it. It is enriching the right information about this oven product.


· The toast oven is able to toast bread perfectly and consistently

· The oven is able to toast size slices of the bread in one toasting process

· It is available seven toasting settings

· It is able to bake cakes like a full size oven

· It can roast a half or a four pound of chicken

· It is able to bake and roast potatoes

· This oven can bake more than 10 inch pizza

· The settings of cooking, warming, reheating, roasting, toasting, and baking are available

· A shut off system is useful because it is turned off when it is not used

· Easy LCD control panel to use

· Amazingly satisfied customer services


· The exterior is much hot when it is used especially front and top of the door

· There are no accessories on dishwasher

Those are some pros and contras from the users about this toaster oven. Overall, it is one of the smart toaster ovens to have. You won’t get disappointed to buy and use Breville BOV800XL review.

Breville BOV800XL Review—Compact Smart Oven with the Best Heating Distribution

If you need a smart oven that can ensure convenient cooking and perfectly cooked dish, this Breville BOV800XL review will help you. This product is not just an ordinary oven because it comes with special features and technology that you will not easily find in just any toaster ovens. Now, let’s find out some of the best features in this oven.

Element IQ

Element IQ is the first feature that we will discuss in this Breville BOV800XL review. The thing about most ovens in the market nowadays is they are not able to distribute heat evenly, let alone consistently. This is exactly where Element IQ will make a great difference. Not only will it ensure even heat distribution, the level of the heat also can be changed according to the food you are putting in the oven.

It comes with 9 present functions for different dishes. They are Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm. It means, you can put basically anything inside the oven. Furthermore, this oven also comes with customized setting. If the 9 functions available cannot cater to your needs, you can adjust the heat level of the oven by yourself. The good news is, the oven will remember the setting and it will not be changed until you change it yourself or you unplugged the oven from the power socket.

Excellent Choice of Material

Breville BOV800XL review will not be complete without mentioning the great choice of material of this oven. While most ovens use metal for its main material, this Breville smart oven uses quartz. Quartz is actually a better material for an oven because it has better response to heat change compared to metal. So, it works well with the features of the oven that can change the level of the heat as well as heat distribution according to the food.

Furthermore, the interior is also coated with non-stick material. You can also take the drip tray from the front of the oven instead of the back. As a result, cleaning the oven as well as the tray will never be a hassle.

Pros and Cons

· Pros

– The heat distribution is really remarkable.

– It is easy to wash the tray because it can be accessed from the front.

– 9 cooking functions are available as well as a customized setting.

– Very easy to operate.

· Cons

– It is not the most power efficient compared to other smart ovens.

– It is a little bit pricey.


Overall, this smart oven is the one you need if you are craving to eat better dishes that are cooked perfectly to your liking. Whether you want to heat some leftover soup, enjoy a delicious bagel or eat your favorite pizza, this oven is at your service. It is indeed a little bit pricey compared to other similar toaster ovens, but the price is worth the features and quality. Breville bov800xl parts diagram So, now that you have read all the good things about this oven from Breville BOV800XL review, it is time to order one and enjoy a better meal.

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