Instant pot duo80 plus

instant pot duo80 plus

Instant pot duo80 plus Review: The Multifunctional Programmable Electric Cooker Instant Pot IP DUO80 review is a kind of review to help you recognizing the pot product. This is like guidance to identify the goods and bads of this product. If you want to have a great electric cooker product, this becomes the best one. There are some reasons and specifications making you get interested in this cooker product. Let’s check the following explanation.

instant pot duo80 plus

More Details

Instant pot duo80 plus

Offering High End Specifications

When you want to make a choice of electric cooker product, you need to find information about the bads, goods, and specifications as well. This product is labeled IP DUO80 7 inch series. This is programmable electric cooker in which you can set the setting of this cooker. There are some kinds of buttons to set this cooker based on your desire. Don’t worry about the performance of this electric cooker. This is embedded by new generation technology to cook ingredients and meal quickly. The material is made of high end stainless steel to create stable heat and make the foods cook perfectly. This looks great and nice for the exterior look so that it catches the eyes whom seeing it. New anti block shield is embedded to be a great innovation for this electric cooker. You can fulfill the IP DUO80 pot with 2/3 portion in order to cook well.

Being a Comfortably Multifunctional Electric Cooker

If you find the electric cooker product, you need to get the most comfortable one. Instant Pot IP DUO80 review can be guidance to assist you to purchase the best cooker for handling your cooking. With the help of instant pot, you can cook green beans, sweet corn, and carrot. Those can be steamed into this electric cooker within 4 – 7 minutes only both frozen and fresh. To make mashed potato you don’t need to boil the potato in the water. It makes the nutrition of potato dissolved in the water. You can take another cooking step with this programmable electric cooker. You can use the steam smokes for 15 minutes to mash the potatoes. Meanwhile, chili servings can be served in one hour only using this electric cooker. That was amazing and perfect.

In addition, this programmable electric cooker, IP DUO80 can be adjusted for some cooking results and lifestyle. The instant pot can be programmed based on adjustable cooking modes. This is possibly postponed the cooking activity until 24 hours and automatically it stays warm for 10 hours. This is very helpful to cook any foods. Most of the modern, international, and traditional recipes can be practiced by using instant pot electric cooker with no worries. This is a magical solution for cooking any foods with different recipes with this cooker.

Having Elegant Designs

Though it is an instant electric cooker pot, the exterior look of this cooker pot is important. If it looks nice and elegant, it will encourage your spirit and motivation to cook deliciously. Instant pot duo80 8 quart pressure cooker meets this need. It is made very exclusive. Instant pot has elegant and ergonomic design making it look attractive and easily used and cleaned for the left and right – hand users. The part of inside pot is made of stainless steel and has strong cover to wash plates safely. Meanwhile, cooker basis can be cleaned easily with wet cloth.

When it turns on and gets operating, microprocessor monitors pressure and temperature of this electric cooker. It is adjustable the time, duration, and heat intensity to cook meals. The cooking time will be based on the food volume in the cooker. The higher food volume requires longer time to cook it. Those are some things about this instant cooker included in Instant Pot IP DUO80 review.

instant pot duo80 8 quart pressure cooker Review: The Most Incredible Programmable Cooker

instant pot duo80 8 quart pressure cooker review is a review product for programmable electric cooker. This can be guidance to look for the best electric cooker for any cooking activities. This is not a common cooker product. This is called as the best programmable electric cooker ever. Why could it be? Here are some reasons why you should select this cooker.
Easy Used and Cleaned
IP DUO80 cooker is a smartly pressure electric cooker that is designed exclusively. This is used safely for any cooking activities. This is comfortable and reliable to steam, boil, and cook foods. This is an amazing partner in the kitchen. This electric cooker is easy used and cleaned. It is caused that it is made of stainless steel that is easily cleaned. Moreover, the design of inside pot enables you to clean it anytime.

Safety Mechanism Width

IP DUO80 is made in details. All parts and specifications are concerned well to consider the safety system. This electric cooker is easily used by managing the setting and plugs the cable in the electric power contact. After that you can use it for cooking. Though it uses electric power, it is ensured that it is very safe because it has safety mechanism width along the cooker. This helps you to get out from electric power so that you stay comfortably to cook.

Best Class Support for Cooking

When you want to buy an electric cooker product, you need to read Instant pot IP DUO80 review. The review is helpful to find goods and specifications of this cooker product. This cooker has best class support for cooking safely. It has been embedded by excellent specifications. It has width 7 inch. IP DUO80 is programmable so that you can set the right setting of this electric cooker for any cooking purposes. It has been operated by new generation technology for cooking, steaming, and boiling. The stainless steel is the chosen materials for making a classy elegant electric cooker.

The High Safety System

Instant pot IP DUO80 is designed carefully with competitive certification so that it offers the high safety system for the users. Instant pot protects safety of using this electric cooker with some specifications. Lock is used to prevent unconscious opening of the cooker. Regulator pressure is used to manage pressure heat of this cooker. Anti – blockage vent prevents the rest of foods that can block ventilation. Magnetic sensor is for position detection. Automatic temperature control is used to manage temperature based on the chosen program. Fuse Cuts Off Power is used to control maximum limit temperature and voltage. Those are included in Instant pot IP DUO80 review.

Instant DUO80 Review: More than just a Multifunction Cooker it is a product from Instant Pot that has many enthusiast nowadays. Undeniably, multifunctional kitchen appliances tend to be more practical and economical. So, are you one of those customers who are interested in buying this product? At least, there are some matters about Instant Pot DUO80 that you have to know. Check them out.


There is actually nothing special about the design. Slightly, it even looks like a common rice cooker you have already had at home. Its shape is similar to a low tube with cap and available in some series. The series are not differentiated from the colors but the sizes anyway. It is layered by sleek silver aluminum while the cap and the lower part of the pot are in black. Some buttons and indicators are placed on the front part make it more reachable and easy to use. Although the design is not special, it is not bad at all. Just like other modern-designed appliances, it looks simple and neat.


Of course, whatever the shape and design, when it is functioned well, there is nothing to be disappointed. Based on this Instant Pot DUO80 review, this product basically combines 7 kitchen appliances into one item only. What is it for anyway? Instant Pot DUO80 works well as the pressure cooker, sauté, steamer, rice cooker, warmer, and even yoghurt maker. It is as interesting as you can prepare the foods around 70% faster. Sure, it also accommodates any ingredients to be processed here whether it is meat, vegetables, grains, and more. For the rice only, you can process it into numerous type whether you only want to normally cook it or make porridge.

At least, there are 14 smart programs offered by this newest series from Instant Pot. The programs are including making soup, stewing meat, processing the beans, keeping the foods warm, normal cooking, pressure cooking, and more. So, what are your favorite dishes? It is so amazing since you can just cook all of them by only using an item.

There is a common problem you may be afraid of being experienced in multifunction pot. Yes, such a pot is easily damaged for different temperature to be used in every cooking. However, you must not worry. This product is durable and not easily damaged. Of course, it is as long as you use them properly including the ways to clean it up. The inner layer is made from food grade and healthy stainless steel so that it will not damage both the flavors and nutrition of foods. Meanwhile, from the instant Pot DUO80 review, it is also produced using the 3rd generation of technology to achieve the expected results anytime.

In conclusion, this product is highly recommended. Not only is it for the multifunction matter but also about how the technology applied is able to keep the foods delicious and healthy after only passing through a fast process. So, before buying the product of multifunction pot, make sure to consider this Instant Pot DUO80 review.

instant pot duo80 air fryer lid 8 QT 7-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Review for Easy Cooking Lovers

instant pot duo80 air fryer lid 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker review here will change your thought about cooking. The review shows to you easy cooking by using one appliance only. Let’s learn more about what instant pot duo80 can do for you.


The design of this kitchen appliance is elegant and compact enough. That’s why, you can put anywhere in your kitchen and also a solution for small kitchen. The combination between black and silver makes the design suitable for any kind of kitchen themes including modern kitchen design. You are about to use an easy to use features even if you are first time user. The display is clear and big enough to keep you easy to choose the features you want to use. Just push the button based on the instruction and wait for the pressure cooker cook your favorite food. As a lightweight pressure cooker, you can remove this kitchen appliance anywhere you want. The manufacturer really concern about health so they choose a high quality and food grade materials only. For example, the pressure cooker is using the best stainless steel without any chemical coating.

Special Ability

The next instant pot duo80 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker review will make you love this product and use it at your lovely kitchen. Just imagine you will have a multi cooker device which combines up to 7 different kitchen appliances. Instant pot duo80 can be used as a steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker,pressure cooker, sauté, and warmer. As the result, you can cook many kinds of foods for the entire family. The cooking process is supported by a high tech system and it boosts the process faster and easier. One of the secrets is the latest technology installed within the pressure cooker. There is a microprocessor to monitor the conditions such as the pressure, temperature, time, and heat. Definitely, it is a great product for busy people who still want to eat or serve hygiene and healthy foods at home.

Easy to Use for Newbie and Beginner Users

How about if you can’t cook at all and this is your first time to cook? It doesn’t matter at all! Instant pressure cooker helps to get great cooking experience even for newbie or beginner cookers. Thanks to the smart programs installed. The program is ready to handle several popular meals such as soup, meat, bean, poultry, steam, rice, porridge, and many more. You don’t have to get confuse about how long you have to cook the meal. Just follow the instruction and let the pressure cooker do the rest. How about the taste? Your beloved family will be shocked because the taste is delicious just like a professional chef. Thanks to the fully sealed pressure cooker which traps the heat, nutrient, and aroma. By the time you open the cover, the smell looks good and you will taste a professional food taste. Your cooking activity is also supported by useful accessories such steam rack with handle, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, and even recipe booklet. You also have a chance to use free app to find your favorite recipes. There are over 300 recipes along with video, grocery list, and many more.

Safety Features

Safety is also an important consideration and it can be seen on the security features. For example, instant pot duo80 8 qt 7-in-1 is using pressure regulator and anti blockage vent. The regulator is important to keep the pressure in the safety limit whereas anti blockage vent keep the pressure cooker away from food debris. There is also a safety lock to prevent unwanted condition on the cover while the device worked. The success level is higher due to the use of temperature monitoring feature because it helps to prevent burning food problem.

What Buyers Said

Most users said that instant pot duo80 is a great pressure cooker. The features work well to create delicious foods faster and easier. This product is also a solution for beginner cookers who want to cook like a professional chef. In the end, you don’t need to doubt to buy because instant pot duo80 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker review is clear enough to give you more references before choosing the best one. Later, you can really serve something delicious for the entire family.

instant pot duo80 8 qt 7 in 1 multi use programmable pressure cooker Review for Modern Kitchen Design

The instant pot duo80 8 qt 7 in 1 multi use programmable pressure cooker review here provides you with complete information about Instant Pot Duo80. You will be surprise with the detail because this pressure cooker gives you more than you can imagine before.

Multifunction Pressure Cooker

The first incredible thing you should know about instant pot duo80 is on its function. You are about to get more than just an ordinary pressure cooker. Can you imagine if you can cook soup, meat, poultry, slow cook, and any kind of your favorite foods in a single kitchen appliance? This pressure cooker is the answer! The product is a multifunction pressure cooker which makes you seems to have 7 different appliances. You can use it as slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, as well as a pressure cooker device anytime you want.

Smart Programs for Easy Cooking

The next great thing you can get is smart program. The manufacturer designs the product along with 14 smart programs which allow you to cook any kind of popular meals faster and easier. Just push the button based on the instruction and you can prepare several delicious foods including soup, meat, rice, yogurt, and many more. You don’t need to get confuse about the time to stir or anything. Just make sure that you push the right instruction and let the system finishes the process. By the time you open the cover, a bowl of delicious meal is ready to serve.

The Use of Microprocessor Technology

The technology and system used is also something interesting to discuss on this instant pot duo80 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker review. The latest microprocessor technology is a good example of why the product works well. The microprocessor helps instant pot duo80 to control important things during the cooking process such as temperature, pressure, duration, time, and heat. Because of that you don’t need to do all complicated things in ordinary way of cooking. Just imagine that you have a personal assistant which will cook the ingredient into delicious food perfectly. Fully sealed trap is the secret of how the kitchen appliance can keep the flavor. In fact, you are not only eating delicious food but also healthy food because it keeps the nutrients of the ingredients.

Up To Date Pressure Cooker for Modern Kitchen

Definitely, the specific things such as one touch control, adjustable temperature setting, dual pressure setting, and free app makes this pressure cooker up to date for modern kitchen. The most important, the product is a good option for busy people who want to cook something healthy and delicious foods at home. The Instant pot duo80 plus 8 qt 7-in-1 multi- use programmable pressure cooker review above shows everything.

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